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Outside the Whale: Women as Quarry

The plethora of men being accused of pushing their hands down where they don’t belong has got conservatives and liberals arguing over who is telling the truth, who is lying, and which party has the most gropers. Over who belongs in counseling — as if culture can be counseled away — and who deserves to […]

Outside the Whale: Thumbs Up for Millennials

Editor’s note: The author of this column is the longtime general manager of Canton Community Television, which produces The Student Station. Before donating my older magazines to the “exchange” at the Foxboro library, I go through them to see if there’s anything I should read before letting it go. It’s a bad habit — flipping […]

Outside the Whale: November Elections

Canton may be the first town in Massachusetts to move its local elections from the spring to November, but first it has to get approval from the state legislature. Usually local petitions are unimportant to other communities, but if this happens in Canton, other towns might ask to do the same, making this a dangerous […]

Outside the Whale: Democracy’s Decay

April 8 marked another election season without a contest. Four-hundred-twenty-eight voters participated. Bruce Rohr, a former member of the Conservation Commission and a core member of those who worked for the passage of the Community Preservation Act (CPA), is one of the few citizens who is worried enough about the lack of voter participation to […]

Outside the Whale: Equal is Not Necessarily Fair

The Supreme Court is ruling on the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8 — a ballot that banned same sex marriage, and on “DOMA” (Federal Defense of Marriage Act). Advocates have called gay marriage today’s civil rights issue. Under that analogy, anyone who opposes it is easily dismissed as a homophobic bigot. It has been a […]

On Sandy Hook and the Perils of a ‘Man’s World’

My neighbor said she hadn’t stopped crying all weekend. A shooting at an elementary school? Another friend and mother of elementary aged children felt “apathetic” that weekend — that there is nothing that can’t be senselessly taken from her. Lanza’s first victim was his own mother. All six adult victims were women. He killed 20 […]

Outside the Whale: Autumn Leaves Must Fall

The Shaun Ouillette memorial stone at St. Mary's cemetery

Tony Andreotti came with a rake. He is brushing back November leaves that have already covered the grass near the newly placed memorial, helped paid for through his veterans agency. Andreotti and a small team are battling the cruel effects of entropy with an announcement planned for this morning. Connor Erickson ties balloons to a […]

Outside the Whale: Impound the Pounds

Starting this school year Massachusetts has enacted a new nutrition law. For parents it means you can no longer celebrate your kid’s birthday by sending in 24 cupcakes to her class, but you are still free to pack as much junk as you like in your child’s personal lunchbox. The law impacts all vending machines […]

Outside the Whale: Lost Art of Conversation

You feel the vibration in your pocket. You reach for your phone and realize it’s on the counter. The feeling is called “Phantom Buzz” and research says it’s just one in many ways that smartphones are re-wiring our brains. May’s Atlantic magazine has an article asking if our constant connection to Facebook is making us […]

Outside the Whale: The House Always Wins

At this year’s Annual Town Meeting, Article 37 deals with abandoned properties. Not so long ago, who would have thought that such an article would be needed anywhere in our state or even in the East Coast, never mind in a town like Canton? The housing crisis is something that’s not easy to understand. From […]

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