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Galvin’s pay raise defense leaves out key details

Dear Editor: In Representative Galvin’s letter to the editor in last week’s Canton Citizen, he makes a good argument from his perspective concerning the difficulty in setting legislative pay increases. But I think he protests too much. His omissions in his arguments stand out like a sore thumb. One simply has to search to […]

Show DCR your support for a Canton rink

Dear Editor: Last Thursday, I attended the South Shore Ice Rink Feasibility Study meeting in Norwood. It is clear that Norwood is just as committed to building an ice rink as Canton is to rebuilding Ponky. We must demonstrate to the Department of Conservation and Recreation our dedication to the sport and the urgent need […]

Letters reveal hypocrisy of Trump critics

Dear Editor: While reading the responses in last week’s edition I couldn’t help but notice the use of the word ‘disgust’ in describing the character and policies of our new president. To be honest, I didn’t vote for President Trump (voted for Pat Tillman), but I couldn’t help wondering if the authors of these letters […]

Galvin: Why I voted to increase pay

Dear Editor: Many residents have contacted me about legislation that increased stipends for certain positions in the legislature and pay for the state’s judges and constitutional officers. There has been considerable inaccurate information spread about what was included in this legislation. I wish to clarify some of the finer points of this legislation that helped […]

Legislative pay raises shocking, hypocritical

Dear Editor: I am disgusted and speechless by the size and scope of the pay raise Representative Bill Galvin (D-Canton) voted for himself and his fellow legislators. Thus, I will type it out. State legislators recently received a pay raise four weeks ago and came off a five-month vacation prior to their recent vote to […]

Environmental activism in the age of Trump

Dear Editor: As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump promised to “Make America Great Again.” While what he meant remains ambiguous, what is clear is that he liberally invokes divisive rhetoric and blame and that caring for our environment is not part of his program. President Trump demonstrated that he is a climate change denier by […]

Women’s marchers: No apology needed

Editor’s note: In response to a recent Canton Citizen story on the Women’s March on Washington, reader Larry Overlan requested an apology for statements made about President Donald Trump. Below are the responses from the two women who were featured in the original story. *** Dear Editor: Larry Overlan, I will be happy to apologize […]

No consistency with Trump supporter’s remarks

Dear Editor: I read with amusement Larry Overlan’s letter admonishing Nancy Bloom and Susan Johnson for their “vicious statements” in reference to Donald Trump. He went onto say, “Such awful, unsubstantiated comments do a disservice to our country’s president.” My question for Mr. Overlan is this: where was your outrage when Donald Trump spent five […]

It’s time to wake up and resist

Dear Editor: I was saddened to see that the Ringling Bros. Circus was folding its tents after over 100 years of entertainment across the USA. But I was soon heartened by the fact that a new circus based in Washington, D.C., was emerging. The new owner/ringmaster has promised that his circus will indeed be like […]

Trump critics should apologize for verbal attacks

Dear Editor: Regarding the vicious statements (“President Trump is extremely dangerous and disgusting”) made by Nancy Bloom and echoed by Susan Johnson in the story on the women’s march in the January 19 edition of the Citizen, they should be ashamed of themselves for setting a terrible example for the children of Canton with their […]

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