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Trump critics should apologize for verbal attacks

Dear Editor: Regarding the vicious statements (“President Trump is extremely dangerous and disgusting”) made by Nancy Bloom and echoed by Susan Johnson in the story on the women’s march in the January 19 edition of the Citizen, they should be ashamed of themselves for setting a terrible example for the children of Canton with their […]

Revenue forecasting a collaborative effort

Dear Editor: I would like to comment on something I read in the January 12 Canton Citizen article on the school budget; i.e., that on January 26, the finance director and the Finance Committee will make their recommendation on the revenue for FY18. To clarify how the process works, Canton has a Revenue Forecasting Committee. […]

Food for thought from a different point of view

Editor’s note: The following is in response to a letter by Alice Brown that appeared in last week’s Canton Citizen. Dear Editor: It doesn’t sound like Alice Brown lives in the same United States of America that I do. Our republic’s Constitution calls for an Electoral College in order to count the votes of the […]

Searching for silver linings in post-election America

Dear Editor: I never thought I would see states’ rights as a good thing, since my governor (George Wallace) used it as an excuse to rob people of color of their human rights. But attorneys general Healey and Schneiderman give me hope. So what if Trump puts in an EPA head who wants to destroy the […]

Critic of Trump voters should practice what she preaches

Dear Editor: I’m writing in regards to the December 8 story in the Citizen entitled “Residents, officials take stand against hate.” I find it ironic that Kathleen Howley, who claims to want everyone in Canton to feel safe, just called approximately half of the voters of the U.S. bigots. She says she personally blames Donald […]

Praise for Canton school music program

Dear Editor: There’s sweet music in Canton now. Last Wednesday night I attended a concert at the high school. Having not been too impressed over the years by the music program, I was not sure things had changed. But they have, oh how they have changed. There was such an air of professionalism from both […]

Letter to the Editor: Not another liquor store

Dear Editor: I am writing to voice my surprise about the town’s approval of a very large liquor store in Cobb’s Corner, as reported in the December 1 edition of the Canton Citizen. As the article stated, there are already four places of business that sell wine, beer and/or liquor in Cobb’s Corner. I called the […]

Family touched by community support

Dear Editor: The Staffiere family would like to extend our appreciation to our wonderful family, friends, neighbors, the Legends hockey team, Canton Youth Hockey and Canton Youth Soccer, JFK CAPT, and anonymous donors who have supported our family during this very difficult year with dinners, gift cards, flowers, plants, special gifts, rides to activities for […]

Note to Gov. Baker: Dirty energy is not the answer

Dear Canton: I am proud that Massachusetts has been an example for other states across the nation in terms of clean energy and energy efficiency. In addition to a state energy bill that encourages offshore wind and energy storage for renewable energy, on August 17 the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that the “pipeline tax” is […]

BOS response to Rez questions overlooks key facts

Editor’s note: The newly approved Reservoir Pond use regulations allow for boat launching at the Earl Newhouse Waterfront for boats no larger than 16 feet and with a motor no greater than 10 horsepower. Dear Editor: Last Tuesday evening, the Canton Board of Selectmen addressed a self-described long-winded letter that I previously sent to the […]

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