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As You Like It: That Certain Glow

Vanity of vanities … all is vanity. Ecclesiastes had a pretty good take on the human race. Most of us are more concerned about the way we look than about the way we are. Yes, we would all like to think that the first thing we think about in the morning is how we can […]

As You Like It: Choices

Last week the media was full of Angelina Jolie’s decision to undergo a double mastectomy. Jolie had lost her mother to breast cancer and so she decided to be tested to see if she carried the genetic mutation BRCA, which indicates a 60 percent risk of getting breast and possibly ovarian cancer. When she found […]

As You Like It: A Piece of My Heart

A few years ago my family and I were vacationing in Israel when Hezbollah decided to shoot some katyusha rockets our way. The only endearing quality that katyushas had was that their range was fairly limited. Unfortunately, they’ve improved over the years, both in range and aim. Whereas they used to plague only northern Israel, […]

As You Like It: A Different Passover

For most of the years that Steve and I have been married we’ve always held a Passover seder in our home. Lisa was a baby for our first one, and mom and dad were visiting from Israel so we had plenty of help from my folks. We used Steve’s parents’ seder plate and improvised the […]

As You Like It: Ten Things I Wish

… Weren’t Replaced by Technology is the name of the link that my husband sent me last week. It was a list compiled by Michelle Guo on her personal blog, which she had pared down from Mashable’s 50 Things Replaced by Modern Technology. Guo’s list comprised the following: Print photographs, hand write letters, make mix […]

As You Like It: With a Little Tabasco on the Side

Mariel was home for Chanukah this year, which doesn’t happen often. When the kids were small I would spend weeks preparing gifts and decorations. As the kids got bigger the decorations and gifts became fewer, and there were nights when we would miss lighting candles altogether. Now since there are no kids left in the […]

As You Like It: The Great Schottenfeld Pandemic

It started with a cough. Not a very impressive cough at first, but as the days passed it grew. Steve kept telling me that he just had a cold, and when I insisted that it sounded like something worse, he got cranky. Now, I’ve lived with this man for 36 years, and I know when […]

Things You Can’t Put Down a Garbage Disposal

Our house was full and I was happy. Every bed had a loved one in it: Lisa and Matt, Mariel and Dan, and Mike and Mary, our wonderful friends from Georgia. On Thanksgiving we had more food than we could ever possibly eat and more laughter than we possibly deserved. The girls had cooked and […]

As You Like It: Take 2 Garlic and Call Me in the Morning

Last night I woke up sniffling. Then I swallowed and felt my throat talk back to me. A cold — just what I needed right before Thanksgiving. There’s so much to do, so much to enjoy, so of course it’s the perfect time to cough and blow your nose continuously. I lay there trying to […]

As You Like It: Of Sharks and Flames

If I had to make a list of things that I hate doing, interviewing for a job would be right up there. Isn’t it everyone’s dream to enter a room where they are at the mercy of someone who can make them feel instantly flustered and utterly stupid? I once read somewhere that an interviewer […]

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