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Ticks: No Friend of Mine

When I was a kid, a tick was just a disgusting thing you had to occasionally pull off the dog. I vividly remember my dad deciding I was old enough to start doing it myself instead of running to him and telling him, “Dad, there’s a tick on the dog.” I didn’t want to touch […]

Four-Legged Friends: Dog Search

A few weeks ago on a beautiful Saturday morning I met up with a woman who I have called a “friend” for about 10 years now. Kerry Wyler from Portland, Maine. It was on the happy occasion of her looking at the available greyhounds at the Greyhound Pets of America-Massachusetts kennel in Middleborough. Kerry has […]

Four Legged Friends: Only the Lonely

Separation anxiety (SA) is a condition affecting both young and old dogs, newly purchased puppies, secondhand dogs from the shelter, or in my case, adopted ex-racing dogs. SA can range from mild to severe, and too many dogs are returned to shelters or adoption groups by overwhelmed owners who have no idea how to deal […]

Four-Legged Friends: Canine Therapy

The partnership between man and dog goes back nearly as far as man and dog can be traced. Dogs do all kinds of jobs for us, from herding sheep to providing independence to the blind. The service dogs most of us are familiar with are the seeing eye dogs. When I was a kid, they […]

Four Legged Friends: Remembering Ebenezer

It was in the late 1990s that a woman I knew named Barbara contacted me about a stray cat she had taken in. Barbara wasn’t allowed to have pets in her apartment. Despite that, she had captured a cat that was hanging around her neighborhood and brought him home. She was hoping I would take […]

Four-Legged Friends: Summer Care Tips

I may be one of the few people in Canton who would much rather walk in the cold than in the heat. When it’s cold, I can add a hat, an extra sweater, wool socks — the possible number of layers is almost endless. When it’s hot? There is only so much you can remove […]

Four Legged Friends: Truth About Exotics

From time to time, I ask Canton Citizen editor Jay Turner if he has any ideas for my column. A while ago he suggested writing about some of the less common pets. It just so happens a dear friend of mine, Jennifer Plombon, is one of the founders of the Hedgehog Welfare Society. I knew […]

Four Legged Friends: My Darling Abigail

The first female dog we ever had was an English setter we called Abby. Her registered name was Clariho’s Dear Abigail. We named her Abigail because the old, beat-up paperback dictionary we owned had a section of names and their meanings in the back, and that particular book said Abigail meant “father’s joy.” Clariho was […]

Rethinking the ‘designer dog’ craze

Let’s talk about so-called “designer dogs.” Some people also refer to them as hybrids. A hybrid is a cross between two different species, not two different breeds, so that’s a complete misnomer. I know there are plenty of “doodles” and “poos” of all varieties in Canton. And I’m sure they’re lovely, sweet pets. I’m equally […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Pet Edition

The following story appears in the Canton Citizen’s 2015 Holiday Guide, a special section in the November 25 edition. Order a subscription today. I am not a huge believer in buying and wrapping gifts for pets. Over the years, I have received many gifts from friends and strangers alike for my pets, but rarely do […]

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