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As You Like It: Philistines

Philistine: a person who is guided by materialism and is usually disdainful of intellectual or artistic values It was a beautiful fall day, so we decided to go for a ride. I had read that a new exhibit had opened at the deCordova museum in Lincoln. Though Steve is not a great museum aficionado, he […]

As You Like It: The Circle Game

This summer has been all about change, and I have to be honest: I don’t like it. It’s one thing if you’ve initiated change, but when it’s been thrust upon you it’s not usually something that you wished for. From something as small as having your supermarket rearranged so that you now spend all your […]

As You Like It: Wedding Girl

Our back yard has seen so much — troops of kids digging in our sandbox, hanging from monkey bars, sliding down the slide and swinging from swings. Games of hide and seek, tag, and duck, duck, goose. Softball and soccer rolling through the grass, excited shrieks echoing in the sky. We’ve hunted for snakes and […]

As You Like It: This Old Yard

Next week my daughter Lisa will be marrying her longtime love, Matt. Steve and I are thrilled since we’ve been watching them gradually move toward this moment for three years. They are utterly in love, two parts of a whole, so there’s no problem there. The problem appeared when they asked us if they could […]

As You Like It: Rebirth

The last week of the school year. Time to find inspiration, energy, new ideas — time for a field trip. When we received a flyer from Roxbury Community College advertising its “College for a Day,” it was the perfect opportunity for us. I had never visited RCC, and I very much wanted to see the […]

As You Like It: Zoned Out

I used to love flying — the whole idea of getting away to something and somewhere new. Even the time spent in the airport was fun. Once you checked in you were already on vacation, poking around the airport stores, buying snacks that you wouldn’t usually eat and magazines that you would never read outside […]

As You Like It: The Graduate

As I sat through two graduations during these past few weeks when so many of our children were graduating, the strangest word popped into my brain: plastics. You may remember the 1967 film The Graduate. Dustin Hoffman plays a recent college graduate who was unsure of what to do with his life. At his graduation […]

As You Like It: The Jewel of Beacon Street

My husband, Steve, runs a business from our house, which means I never get to see him anymore. Well, okay, I do pass him in the hall or the kitchen, but lately we’ve become ships in the night. When he used to work a typical nine-to-five job, our weekends were reserved for family and chores. […]

As You Like It: Spring Laughter

A spring day can’t possibly be lovelier than this. The sun is warming the temperature up to the 70s, the few clouds in the sky are the fluffy cotton candy kind, and the birds haven’t even stopped for a breath. And I am lucky to be sitting in my favorite place: my back porch. Snoopy […]

As You Like It: Sleep Like the Dead

The last time we bought a new mattress was during the Norman Invasion. We didn’t have many choices back then; it was straw or straw as I recall. So when I told Steve last week that I believed that the reason I was waking up every morning sore and achy was not because a squirrel […]

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