Humans, not deer, are the real problem


Dear Editor:

Look, the great deer hunt! Reason number one: deer ticks. $1,000 reward goes to one person who can prove deer ticks come only from deer.

This notion of killing the deer to eliminate the deer tick is like someone suggesting to “cull the horses” because of the horsefly, which are everywhere, not just on horses. Plants, animals, forests, and golf courses all have deer ticks and not just deer.

Reason number two: accidents. Deer cause car accidents? Drunk, drugged, or texting, distracted humans cause many, many more accidents.

Reason number three: plant destruction. Is it the deer that’s destroying the foliage, or is this all that’s left because of tremendous inflated land value? Good for taxes, bad for deer, with less and less places to exist. Deer do not cut oxygen-making and water-retaining trees, humans do.

Lastly, one time or another, we all used the word dear as a sign of endearment toward a loved one. Maybe a gentle deer is God’s gift, appreciated by young and old alike and a pleasure to see in their woods. Hunters have a designated right to hunt, but not in the peaceful reservation. Please hunt elsewhere.

To the powers that be, please put this energy toward continuing your fight against the madness of the drug epidemic, which is a heinous, family-destroying sickness with no end in sight.

I sincerely thank you for all your efforts. Don’t get tired.

Bob Corkery

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